The name of the Society is THE TORRINGTON PLAYERS

    The object of the Society is for the encouragement of dramatic art.

    Membership of the Society shall be open to all persons, welcoming new members
    regardless of gender, ethnicity, creed or age and may comprise of:
a) A President, Vice Presidents and Honorary Members who may be adopted annually.
b) Ordinary Members
c) Junior Members
d) The Committee has the power to request any member to resign.
e) The Committee has the right to refuse membership.

    Subscriptions are mainly payable at the time of the A.G.M. and cover one full year of
    membership.    Junior members shall pay 50% of the Ordinary rate.

a) The Executive Officers of the Society shall be a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a
    Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary who shall be elected at the A.G.M.
    for one year.
b) The Treasurer may serve for a maximum of three consecutive years, as may the

a) The Committee shall consist of the Executive Officers and five elected persons who
    shall retire annually but be eligible for re-election.
b) The Committee can co-opt other persons if desirable.
c) The Committee has control over the finances of the Society.
d) No activity shall take place under the name of the Society without the approval of the

a) A General Meeting shall be held each year, of which 14 days notice shall be given.
b) Voting at a General Meeting shall be open to all members including
    Honorary Members and Junior Members aged 16 and above.
c) Members prevented from attending may record their votes for Officers and
    Committee by signed ballot paper sent to the Secretary.
d) Any member shall have the right to call an Extraordinary General Meeting
    providing he/she has the support of 25% of ordinary members.

    In the event of the Society being disbanded, all remaining monies and other assets of
    the Society shall be distributed among Societies with a similar objective within the
     local area.

    This Constitution was last reviewed and/or updated and approved by the Committee
    on 1st August 2006.

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