Some of our more recent activities.

December 2006:
Dramatised Readings of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” at local Village Halls.

March 2007:
Readings of “Tales from Torrington Folk”, a collection of entries from the 2006 “Torrington Revels Short Story Competition” performed at 1646 auditorium.

April 2007:
We entered the Exmouth One Act Play Festival for the very first time and competed with 16 other Drama Groups from all over Devon with
“Anyone Backstage?” an original script by Stephanie Easton, comprising five interlocking monologues by the backstage crew of an imaginary Amateur Dramatic Society.
This, its first performance, won the "Exmouth Players Original Play Award". Not only that, but.....
Mary Brodie won The Award for Best Characterisation as "The Prompt" and ...
Rosie Balfour, The Best Actress Trophy as "Properties Mistress".
Niki Tubb was the "Make-Up Lady",
Jean Evans Loude was the "Stage Manager" and the lone male, Simon Matthews was the "Wardrobe Master".

June 2007:
"Anyone Backstage" was performed again. This time at The North Devon Fringe Festival.
The female cast was as before but the part of "Wardrobe Master" was played by Jim Young.

October 2007:
“The Un-Common Room,” a short play for children, written by Stephanie Easton, was presented and well received by a nightly audience of over three hundred, in the Sheep Shearing Arena at “The Big Sheep” near Bideford, as part of their Annual Halloween Festival, on the 25th, 26th and 27th October.    Set in “Creepy College”,    Ali Campbell played the Headmistressss, Miss Viper.     Joyce Ridgwell was the English teacher and special spell-er, Miss Scratchskull, and Sara Pruce the sexy Miss Gloria Ghostly.

June 2008
Part of the North Devon Fringe Festival again.    "First Impressions" was a series of readings from the beginnings of 15 novels taking 45 minutes, to entertain, but also as a quiz, with a prize for the audience member who could identify the most titles and authors.
Enjoyed by all who attended.

April 2009
On Saturday 25th of April 'The Torrington Strolling Players' presented a Mummers Play, about St George & the Dragon, written by two of our members, as part of the local Rotary Club's St George's Day celebrations.   It was a 15 minute piece of rhyming nonsense featuring a string of sausages, some bellows, assorted domestic draperies, eccentric hats and a rather fetching dragon outfit with the audience representing "the woods" through which the fair maiden strolls before being set upon with evil intent by aforementioned dragon.

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